Deploy Dynamic Pages. In less than 1 minute

Need to deploy pages online but don't want to deal with server setup, hosting and all the other stuff that goes with it? You've come to the right place.

Online Editor

Code your pages using our online editor which allows you to make changes from any device even on the travel.


Store essential data using MySQL and connect your code to it, allowing you to build dynamic pages without hassle.


Dynamicity is all about automation. With schedulers you can automate and run scripts at regular intervals.

Code Editor

Create pages without hassle using our online web editor giving you full control. No more FTP'ing in, or manually uploading changes to the server.

  • Support for PHP, HTML and CSS
  • As many pages for your website/app
  • Powerful tools for productivity


Full database support using MySQL. Manage your data using phpMyAdmin control panel.


Want to schedule your most important tasks automatically at a regular interval?. We've got you covered.

Gone are the days of manually running scripts to perform a specific task. Our scheduling system is built to suit all web applications.

Easily setup in a couple of seconds

Use case:

This is Rob. Rob wants to build a quick notepad app without the complexity of a framework, or without having to worry about servers.


Using our editor, Rob creates pages to handle the viewing and creation of notes using PHP.


Rob needs to store the notes. He generates a MySQL database and connects it to the backend code using the provided environmental variables.


Rob wants to automatically delete notes that are older than 6 months. He sets up a scheduler to point to the relevant logic and configures the frequency that it should run.

We made web building easier for you.

Not everyone needs the complexity of a server when needing to build simple stuff. Just get it up and running in a couple of minutes.

Build something

We provide the tools in one place, accessible anywhere (all you need is an internet connection and a browser) so that you can focus on building rather than setting up servers, and all the time consuming and tedious tasks.

Building tools

We provide the tools to build dynamic apps or web pages without you having to worry about the 'setup' aspect.

Easy to use Portal

You manage everything online. Want to make a quick change? No problem! All you need is access to an internet connection.

Custom Domain

We provide a free staging domain for testing purposes. You may link a custom domain at any time.